'Affordable jewellery and accessories'

Asia is home to an abundance

of precious gemstones.

At Radiance of the East, we work directly with suppliers in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia to get you attractive jewellery in designs you may not find in your local jewellery store. And what's more, we can customise.

Besides jewellery, we also offer a range of affordable accessories made in Asia from gold-plated silver to buffalo horn, coral and stingray leather - as well as pearls.


Take your time to check out the photos on this site and send an email if there is any item you would like to purchase. Or get in touch to discuss a design that would bring out the uniqueness

of your personality, to be handcrafted in Asia especially for you.


If you would like to meet in person, we frequently attend gemstone exhibitions in various cities in Germany. One of them may be near you. Or simply get in touch.


We will be happy to assist in whatever way we can.


'Affordable jewellery and accessories'

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